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Alice Gaudon <> Alice Gaudon <> 55e827df54ef6ece69f3b7f5b38babff00d8e962 55e827df54ef6ece69f3b7f5b38babff00d8e962 caddy.service: fix XDG_CONFIG_HOME and Caddyfile path

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rm: cannot remove '*.pkg.*': No such file or directory
==> Synchronizing chroot copy [/var/lib/archbuild/misc-x86_64/root] -> [bamboo-caddy2-master]...done
- [deleted]           (none)     -> tls-access-log
- [deleted]           (none)     -> zerossl
- [deleted]           (none)     -> refs/pull/3633/merge
- [deleted]           (none)     -> refs/pull/3640/merge
   c6d6a775..e385be92  master               -> master
+ 8b4b8c44...66b6e2c0 refs/pull/3430/merge -> refs/pull/3430/merge  (forced update)
+ 12adc0d6...d2fe7095 refs/pull/3446/merge -> refs/pull/3446/merge  (forced update)
+ b5e93c4f...d02daf9d refs/pull/3616/merge -> refs/pull/3616/merge  (forced update)
+ 0d031b06...bbf07d48 refs/pull/3629/merge -> refs/pull/3629/merge  (forced update)
   4d5a96a3..f02da0d7  refs/pull/3633/head  -> refs/pull/3633/head
   a3c8f36f..482aa9a1  refs/pull/3642/head  -> refs/pull/3642/head
+ a2d8916e...5b9a30ad refs/pull/3642/merge -> refs/pull/3642/merge  (forced update)
* [new ref]           refs/pull/3653/head  -> refs/pull/3653/head
* [new ref]           refs/pull/3653/merge -> refs/pull/3653/merge
* [new ref]           refs/pull/3658/head  -> refs/pull/3658/head
* [new ref]           refs/pull/3658/merge -> refs/pull/3658/merge
* [new tag]           v2.2.0-rc.1          -> v2.2.0-rc.1
    caddy ... Skipped
    index-a509155e3cff18af793f6af5f930a71c89e05df8.html ... Passed
    caddy.service ... Passed
    caddy-api.service ... Passed
    caddy.tmpfiles ... Passed
    caddy.sysusers ... Passed
    caddy.conf ... Passed
    Caddyfile ... Passed
    caddy git repo ... FAILED (unknown public key 2A349DD577D586A5)
==> ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified!
==> ERROR: Could not download sources.